Get to know the teams entered in the 2018 MVRC Championship:

TalnoRacing  48

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I one man team trying to learn about aerodynamics whilst having fun.



CAEdevice  98


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CAEdevice is an engineering company, which has just entered the CFD and motorsports field. We have experience in product design and mechanical engineering, with good results even in the previous editions of this CFD competition.



Vortex Racing  26

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Tulip Racing  27

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After doing a lot of simracing and race manager games, it was time for a new challenge.



RicME Motorsport 85

Intro Class
The team has competed in previous years in KVRC and MVRC, switching between the names Brook Motorsport and RicME Motorsport. Last year the team decided to enter the Intro class and came out as Champions, as yet the jury is out whether to stay in Intro and battle to retain the title or to take the step up to the Full rules class to try and mix it with the big dogs. 



Mercury Motorsport  84

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Previous competitor of KVRC and MVRC. Interests in Motorsport and CFD. Looking to improve on previous years.
MercuryMotorsport Blog


Team Bart  3

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Pure Power Racing  31


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Since I was a child, I always sketched F1 cars and wondered that “what could I achieve with this sketch if my car was on the track”. After some time I learned that something called CFD exists and I could test my designs there. I am still a beginner on this turf and I do not think I will ever achieve what other competitors do but I am here to learn to design better cars and have fun.
Pure Power Racing Blog


JJR Racing 21

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Variante 8

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Racing since the first Season and looking for a second Championship Title.

SRacing 17

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