MVRC – The Challenge

Welcome to the MVRC championship. A small group of people on once started a championship called “KVRC” which has unfortunately come to a hold. MVRC is picking up on the fantastic idea and championship behind it.
This year the whole purpose is to design an LMP-like car. The car is then analyzed using CFD methods. The standard software framework which is going to be used will be MantiumFlow. The simulated aerodynamic performance data is entered into a virtual lap time simulator provided by Competition Car Engineering.
Among the analyzed data are downforce, drag, CoP, cooling performance and pressures at the air intake and exhaust system. An example report can be viewed here.
Based on the predicted lap times the results of each race are determined and championship points awarded.
The competitors have a rulebook on which the submitted designs have to comply with. If compliance is not met the car will either be penalized, if the violation is rather minor, a non-complaince email is sent out and penalties only occurs in case of repeating the violation in a subsequent race and at harsh violations maybe the whole car will be disqualified.

Apart from the enormous prestige, winning the championship or single races awards to the competitors, a real prize is usually handed out and this usually by CAEdevice. In 2017 this was “How to build a car” by Adrian Newey which was sent to every competitor.