Sporting Regulations MVRC 2023

Version 1.0

1. Car Submission

1.1 – Prior to every race, emails will be sent out to registered competitors, outlining the deadline and providing a file submission system to enter a car.

1.2 – Entries must be submitted according to the format specified in the technical regulations.

1.3 – An unlimited number of entries may be submitted for a round at any time prior to the deadline, but only the most recent submission that was received prior to the deadline will be used.

1.4 – After the first race, if any competitor does not submit a new entry, the last valid entry for that competitor may be used.

1.5 – Each competitor may request a two day extension to the submission deadline. This may be done once per season. To request an extension, submit a text file via the race entry file submission system.

1.6 – Competitors are responsible for submitting proper geometry. Any submission which is unfit for CFD analysis will result in the entry being disqualified from the race. If a valid previous entry is available the MVRC staff may decide to allow the previous submission to be used.

2. Scrutineering and Penalties

2.1 – Each entry will undergo a consistent scrutineering procedure to ensure compliance with the technical regulations.

2.2 – A “major violation” is judged by the MVRC staff to be a serious and / or deliberate breach of the regulations, or any breach which is judged to be a significant performance improvement.

2.3 – A “minor violation” is judged by the MVRC staff to be less severe than a major violation and not a significant performance improvement.

2.4 – One penalty point will be assessed for each of the following conditions:
2.4.1 – Each major violation
2.4.2 – Repeated minor violations

2.5 – Penalty points result in an addition to the final lap time according to the formula:

Total Penalty Time = minimum(avgLapTime , fastLapTime*1.07)*0.01*numPenaltyPoints

 2.6 – Competitors may appeal scrutineering penalties by posting on the official discussion forum on F1Technical up to two days after receiving the scrutineering results. Appeals may include CAD sections, images, etc. as support. Appeals will be discussed and decided by the MVRC staff. Results of all appeals will be posted on the MVRC forums. A successful appeal will result in the removal of the penalty and a re-calculation of the race results.

2.7 – The head of MVRC has final discretion on all technical regulations, scrutineering, penalties, and appeals.

3. Scoring and Calculation of Race Results

3.1 – Aerodynamic assessment of each entry will be performed using MantiumFlow with the “MVRC Long” template. The specific version, used for a race will be detailed in the emails sent prior to a race weekend.

3.2 – Aero coefficients will be entered into the official MVRC lap simulation tool to generate lap times. Competitors will have access to a simplified version of the tool at all times for car development. Results may differ between the simplified tool and the “full” lap time simulations used for scoring. Any penalty time will be added to the final lap simulation time.

3.3 – Engine power is calculated according to the formula: Power = totalCoolingFlow / 2.8

3.4 – Any entry with power less than 50% (0.5) will result in a DNF.

3.5 – Violation of the engine intake or exhaust requirements will result in a DNF.

3.6 – Final race position is decided in order of fastest lap simulation time + penalty time.

3.7 – Championship points will be awarded to the top ten entries as follows:

P1 = 25 pts, P2 = 18 pts, P3 = 15 pts, P4 = 12 pts, P5 = 10 pts, P6 = 8 pts, P7 = 6 pts, P8 = 4 pts, P9 = 2 pts, P10 = 1 pt

3.8 – The championship positions are decided by order of total points at the end of the season. If tied on points the advantage will be to the competitor with the better record of individual race results..

4. Race Weekend Procedure

4.1 – Competitors will receive an email one week before the race with: submission deadline, submission link, applicable rules version, applicable MFlow version.

4.2 – Competitors will receive a second email reminder on the weekend of the race.

4.3 – Car submission requirements are detailed in MVRC2023 Technical Regulations.

4.4 – Car geometry images should be released on the Thursday following the submission deadline.

4.5 – Scrutineering results will be released on the Sunday following the submission deadline. Scrutineering results may be appealed according to MVRC2023 Sporting Regulations Section 2.6.

4.6 – CFD Images will be released on the second Saturday following the submission deadline.

4.7 – Race results and video will be released on the second Sunday following the submission deadline.

4.8 – MVRC staff may adjust the procedure and timeline described above at any time.

5. General Information

5.1 – The 2023 MVRC season will include the following events:

  • Race 1 – Monaco GP, Circuit de Monaco
  • Race 2 – British GP, Silverstone
  • Race 3 – Italian GP, Monza
  • Race 4 – United States GP, Circuit of the Americas
  • Race 5 – Brazilian GP, Interlagos

5.2 – The official channel for all communications, questions, appeals, and results will be the MVRC 2023 thread on the forums.