MVRC – The Teams

Get to know the teams entered in the 2016 MVRC Championship:


Azzurro GP
07 italia
“I’m a student and a big fan of mechanical engineering and aerodynamic. I’m a beginner with CFD and this kind of stuff, but I’m here to learn to design better cars and also to have some fun!”


98 italia
“I am a mechanical engineer and I work as mechanical designer and FEM analyst.
Although I am probably one of the older participants, I started studying fluid
dynamics only two years ago.”


44 austria
We’re two mechanical engineering students (Alex and Max) and have little CFD and
aerodynamics experience. This is our fist season and the main goal is to gain
basic knowledge about race car aerodynamics and understand how different parts
influence each other. Winning races is probably way out of reach for us but we
like a good challenge.


JJR Racing
21 slovakia
 JJR Monaco 2016


54 australia
 Mercurymotorsport Monaco 2016
 MercuryMotorsport Blog


Pure Power Racing
31 turkey
Since I was a child, I always sketched F1 cars and wondered that “what could I
achieve with this sketch if my car was on the track”. After some time I learned
that something called CFD exists and I could test my designs there. I am still a
beginner on this turf and I do not think I will ever achieve what other competitors
do but I am here to learn to design better cars and have fun.
Pure Power Racing Blog


RicME Motorsport
85 uk
 Car in warehouse
Motorsport fan who has learnt designing cars and CFD in spare time.


SFL Racing
55 usa
I’m an engineering student with a passion for racing. I’ve had experience with racing from the design to the track side and I am always looking for a challenge.


SHM Racing
14 uk
car under wraps r2
I am a Mechanical Engineering student at university and my entry into this
challenge is primarily to enhance and increase my knowledge about racecar
aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is of huge interest to me, however despite this, I
have a fundamental lack of knowledge, and I intend to use this challenge to gain
expertise, or at least a solid grounding and foundation with which I can progress
in the future.My team is named after my initials and the livery and logo are all designed by
me.My race number is the same as my favorite Formula One driver: Fernando Alonso.


48 southafrica
 Talnoracing Monaco 2016
A novice team aiming to develop into a podium challenger.


9 usa
 TF Blog


12 italia
“Fourth year in the Challenge and tons of experience gained thanks to it. Looking for the second Championship to conquer. Behind Variante there’s an Aerospace Engineering student living in Monza.”
Variante’s F1Technical thread

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