MVRC – The Teams – 2017

Get to know the teams entered in the 2017 MVRC Championship:


Brook Motorsport
85  Intro class



98 world  Full Entry
CAEdevice is an engineering services provider, based in Erba (Northern Italy). The team has been participating in MVRC (previously KVRC) since 2014. The most frequent result is the 4th place, but recently it happened that we won a couple of races.



Evolve Performance Racing
77 World Flag   Intro class



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Engineer that never was, putting all those fluid dynamics study hours back in the eighties to some use.



JJR Racing
21 slovakia



54 australia
MercuryMotorsport Blog


SHM Racing
14 uk   Full Entry
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I was last of all last year with no CFD, and little time for modification and updates, as well as using a sketchup model as my base car. This year I’ve brushed up on my SolidWorks skills and have all my CFD setup, so my goal is to progress through the field and enhance my knowledge of racecar aero. Finishing ahead of the intro class will be a good base to work from.


09 usa
TF Blog


Pure Power Racing
31 turkey
Since I was a child, I always sketched F1 cars and wondered that “what could I achieve with this sketch if my car was on the track”. After some time I learned that something called CFD exists and I could test my designs there. I am still a beginner on this turf and I do not think I will ever achieve what other competitors do but I am here to learn to design better cars and have fun.
Pure Power Racing Blog


12 italia
“Behind Variante there is an Aerospace Engineering student looking for more experience in the aerodynamics world and, possibly, more wins.”
Variante’s F1Technical thread

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